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My younger sister is thirteen and in eighth grade, and has a lot of the same insecurities and anxiety issues that Kayla has in the movie. Obviously this movie is an incredibly accurate, realistic, and relatable portrayal of middle school, but the film honestly helped me understand my sister a little more than I did before because I’m in college so I’ve been out of that stage in my life for a while. Like Kayla, she can often be a complete mess but always means well in the long run. It may be different for other people but this movie really reminded me of her and that made the experience more significant for me..

This is nothing like 8th grade... for me at least.

What a coincidence I watched a youtubers video (Kendall Rae’s) about identical twins and they were featured in this video! WOAH.....

*Maravilhoso ! Maravilhoso ! Maravilhoso !!!  *Chorei. :((.

I didn't feel right watching this movie once I realized what was happening. i have no idea how it ends and wish everyone a happy sundance.

Well...............I can make noodles...............

One of my all time favorites...

ENYA!! soltou a franga I am Ready. They were in the Madonna movie “Desperately Seeking Susan” I love this movie. When I was a kid I would watch this over and over. I haven't seen it in years though. So nostalgic. . trailer pops up Oh, maybe I’ll watch this trailer watches BO BURNHAM BOOOOOO??? COUGH COUGH

Dennis Hopper and that Italian Vince kid where both in the Mario Brothers movie.



The fact that a 15 year found something all the gods of science overlooked only proves the existence of God.  In 84 I was 10 years old so I love the 80s movies . Thay have tried to Recreate them but there just not the same thanks for the classics.. I remember this story! Can’t wait to see this! for some reason I felt always the 80's as the Future , when I look back to the past .. One of the best most under rated movies out there!   Hola español? jajja like los españoles

You are a hero


This is an amazing story that was well done. That being said, I was personally very familiar with the first section of the film which was mostly smiles and joy. I even recalled a story that didn't make the film. The second section I was completely unfamiliar with, which was filled with no smiles and no joy. Worth watching!.



Damn this gonna be Good story Incredible :*) Amen !






  • 1000 / 1000